The greatest things come from hard work and discipline. When I made the decision to become an army officer of the United States, it changed my life.

Here is my story :

My journey has not been anywhere near to perfect, I struggle with body image MOST OF THE TIME! I still see myself and hardly like myself, I still get bothered by my stretch marks and how other girls stuff whatever they want down their throat and not gain a single pound, It is hard, If it was easy anyone would do it! I still believe I can reach my goal and get toned, and have the body I’ve always wanted! I will never compare myself to anyone, Who cares if I have stretch marks, Maybe I can still look sexy and confident when I reach my goal. It just takes time, and I need to remember that sometimes, and so do all of you! Im sooo sorry if I keep posting up before and afters, but I just have shitty days and I feel proud I have gone this far, because it’s hard, but it is definitely worth it! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE, AND NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! and remember, if your dreams don’t scare you.. YOU AREN’T DREAMING BIG enough! ;)



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Two years ago, I was 172 pounds. I was overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, lethargic, and suffered from extreme depression. I binged on grossly unhealthy foods on a regular - usually daily - basis. When I became clinically depressed and anxious upon moving away from home and starting my freshman year of college, I turned to food for comfort without even realizing it. I spent all my money on fast food, take-out food, and unhealthy snacks. In the privacy of my single dorm room, I gorged on to-go boxes from my school cafeteria and unhealthy food I had previously stocked up on. I went from a size 4 to a size 10 in just over a year without changing my eating or exercise habits. 

The thing is, in high school, I ate the exact same way. I was constantly eating unhealthy food in startlingly large quantities. My freshman year of college was just when my poor eating habits starting catching up with me. It wasn’t until I saw a particular picture of me posted on Facebook that I realized just how out of hand it had gotten. When I saw myself as I truly was (instead of ignoring and denying the growing problem), it felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach. I came to the realization that I needed to change my habits and lose weight. 

Although I desperately wanted to change, I continued backsliding into my old ways for the remainder of the summer (June, July, August, and even some of September). I sat in my classes at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, feeling fat and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. Fellow classmates tried to befriend me, but I couldn’t even bring myself to even look them in the eye because I was so ashamed of my weight and how I looked. 

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I was sick of living life on the sidelines - afraid to participate in certain activities, interact with certain people, seize certain opportunities, etc because of my weight and lack of self esteem. I decided - right then and there - that I was going to make it a priority to change my unhealthy habits once and for all and lose the excess weight. I tried a few different ways of eating and finally found one that works for me (a wheat-free, sugar-free, low-carb lifestyle with moderately high protein and high fat consumption). Through months of dedication to nutrition, endless hours of research, and making my health a priority, I lost over 25 pounds. By losing the weight, I regained my self-confidence, health, and happiness. 

Going low-carb and cutting out wheat and sugar is what I’ve found works best for me. In just the first month and a half of starting that way of eating, I lost over 10 pounds. I was thrilled to have finally found something that worked so effectively. However, I was put on Accutane shortly after losing the 25 pounds (and steadily making my way to a 30-pound loss) - and developed a thyroid condition as a result. For almost my entire course of Accutane, I was so confused as to why what had worked so well for me had suddenly stopped working. Losing weight was impossible, and I actually began to gain weight (one of the main symptoms of an thyroid condition). 

I haven’t had a cheat day since April 2013 (even during a month-long trip to Europe in summer 2013), avoid carbs/wheat/sugar/overly processed foods like the plague, and I even incorporated some exercise - yet I still put on 10 pounds. Needless to say, I was confused, depressed, and discouraged. I didn’t understand why, in spite of doing everything right, I was not only unable to lose weight but also was gaining weight. When I stumbled upon an article listing the symptoms of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disorder, it was a Godsend. I had every single symptom on the list (and then some), so I went to a doctor, voiced my concerns, got a blood test, etc. My test came up as only borderline for hypothyroidism, but I am not allowing that to deter me. I am convinced I have either that or Hashimoto’s (in conjunction with high corisol levels as well), so I am going to insist on being given additional, more in-depth tests in order to get to the bottom of this undeserved weight gain and host of other health issues. 

I have been fully dedicated to my weight loss journey since October 2012, and I am beyond ready to reach the goal I’ve been striving towards for so long. All the odds have been stacked up against me and my weight loss goals, but I refuse to give up and give in to temptation. I can only imagine how much more weight I would have put on as a result of this condition if I had allowed the discouragement to get to me, just thrown in the towel, and started eating unhealthily again. 

I’ve had my slip-ups way back in the past, but long ago, I came to the realization that that slice of pizza, piece of cake, bag of chips, etc just aren’t worth it. The 10-15 minutes of satisfaction derived from eating that unhealthy food doesn’t even come close to the satisfaction of making healthy food choices on a daily basis that nourish my body, rather than destroy it, and being comfortable in my own skin. I’ve made a lot of progress and my hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s/corisol levels (or whatever it is I have) undid some of it, but I am not giving up. 

I still have a long way to go, but I have made it a priority to focus on the progress I’ve made so far rather than all the progress I have yet to make. My diet and nutrition are so much better than they used to be, my will-power is stronger than it ever has been before (I even refuse to “cheat” on vacations and weekends), and I make my diet a priority - dedicating hours to preparation, cooking, and making/packing snacks for on-the-go healthy eating. I hope that, by continuing my way of eating, getting diagnosed with/getting treatment for my condition, and making exercise much more of a priority, I will finally reach my goal. 

The way I see it is, this is a lifestyle change. I have a lifetime to perfect my exercise regime, diet, and self-image. For me, it’s not about losing a ton of weight in a short period of time - only to return to my old habits and gain it all back. It’s about losing weight at a healthy rate, getting my health to an optimal level, increasing my thyroid function, and never again allowing my weight to drag down my general happiness and self-confidence levels - and maintaining that progress (in all aspects) for life. 

I can’t wait for the day when I can finally just maintain my weight instead of working to lose the weight! Although I’m only about halfway there right now, I’m happy with my progress thus far and am looking forward to slowly but surely making my way to my ultimate goal weight and body.

(Oh, and PS - I’m 5’6 and weighed 172 lbs at my highest weight, and I currently weigh 148 pounds. My goal weight is 125 pounds.)

Hey, I just wanted to show you my butt progress.

I am 5’6’.

On the left up I am about 155lbs, on the left down I am about 146 lbs and on the right I am 141 lbs.

The magic is in squats and running.

That’s it.

Find time to make 200 squats 6 times a week and go run for at least 60 minutes  times a week and you will see results.

You can’t even imagine how I love my but now.


I would love to send to you my progress pictuires.
On the left is November, 2013 and 207lbs - ugh.
On the right is now, May, 2014 and 145lbs.
I am 5’6’
I work out 6 times a week. Fitness, cardio, running, swimming, piloxing, fitbox.
I completely changed my eating habits, no sugar, no coke, lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken, water, green tee.
Still not where I would like to be, still 22 lbs to lost and make a more muscles but I am definitely closer and I finally started to love my body.
Petra, 21yo

At the beginning of my last semester in high school, I decided to make a change. I went through high school hating myself, never being confident. I hated my body, I hated the way I looked. During my sophomore year I hit a low point and attempted to lose weight, but in an unhealthy manner. I lost 20 pounds in one month, only to gain 60 pounds in less than half of year. This time I promised myself I would do it the right way. With hard work and discipline I work out 5 to 6 times a week and try to eat clean everyday. This week I had a set back, but my mind set has changed. Just like every other fitness cliche, it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s all about how many times you stand back up. Progress is from Summer 2014 (right) and May 1st 2014 (left) 

SW: 202 lbs CW: 174 lbs GW: 160  

The beginning of Graduate school in 2012 versus the end of Graduate school in 2014.  I did some work. 

(230lbs vs 185lbs, I’m 5’7”)

about 8 months of eating as healthy as i can (with one cheat meal or treat a week) and regular exercise (usually 20-30 cardio, 15-25 strength 4 times a week) - From 164lbs to 134lbs!

Hey I’m Jacqueline!

Im 20 years old and 5’11”

Left photo was me in highschool at my highest weight ever 385lbs

Right photo was me on Easter 2014 at 315lbs

I have been plateuing for last 4 months and its extremely hard to keep going when I feel as if nothing is happening but it is always good to look back to this photo and see how far I have come.

If you would like to follow me along my journey, heres my blog.

Because of a bad day that I’m having today I’ve decided to share the newest progress pic of me.
November 2013, 207lbs vs. May 2014, 141lbs. I am 5’6’
Sometimes when I feel like I did no progress at all I just need to take a look on this photos.
66lbs down.
That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Top pictures (12/2012 & 3/2013)
Bottom pics 5/2014
From Puerto Rico

First I want to say a massive well done to all of the people on this blog who have transformed themselves! You have inspired me to post my own weight loss picture, although a lot of the ones here are a lot more remarkable than mine!

CURRENT WEIGHT (2014): 121lbs
LOSS: 23lbs

I decided to start my diet and generally get more healthy and fit in November 2012 after stepping on the scales one day and not realising how much I weighed! I used to eat massive portions and a hella lot of fatty foods (our deep fat fryer was on the verge of a nervous breakdown) so I began a calorie controlled diet as I knew this would be the best method of sizing down those sizeable portions!

I began to see results and in January 2013 I joined the gym, thus began my love of exercise and getting into shape! I focussed mainly on cardio to drop the pounds and fell in love with running outdoors, completing my first 5K race in summer 2013!

Ever since then I have never looked back. I’m now focussing on weight training to try and gain some lean muscle in my arms and abs mainly. I am incorporating a lot more protein into my diet yet still controlling those calories. I regularly do 10K runs (I can do them in under 55 minuets now, yay!) and workout at the gym 3-5 times a week.

Working out and being healthy has become routine for me and I can’t imagine life without exercise. I have cut out a lot of the junk food that once upon a time I thought I’d never be able to live without but of course I still have my treats! (chocolate is my one true love)

Everyone’s pictures here goes to show that anything can be achieved with determination, motivation and willpower! You just have to be willing to work hard and have patience to see results, the rewards will be worth it in the end.

Remember, anything is possible! I’ve just started a new personal blog which focusses on weight loss and fitness inspiration. I’d love to follow blogs of the same nature and meet new healthy and fit buddies! :)

Height: 1m70

Starting weight: 70kg ( 60kg on the before picture)

Current Weight: 50kg

Started in August 2012 (before picture : May 2013)

This is about a exactly a year difference. I become healthier ! Cut out soda, a lot of chips and eating way more vegetable and cleaner food. I’m going to the gym. I am already proud of me ! I love my body but I want a flat stomach.

I am 5’2” ad my highest weight was 146lbs. The first photo is from 2012 and the photo was taken in may. SO much has changed!

Not my highest weight ever (hw = 215 ) , but this is just over three months difference, After last summer I went into recovery and gained back most of the weight I had lost. February came around and I knew I either needed to lose it, the healthy way, or risk relapsing.

1st picture - FEB 180.1 lbs
2nd Picture - MAY 163.0 lbs

Done by Cycling EVERYWHERE in my hometown, and follwing my own diet/lifestyle plan of  no-dairy, no-sugar, low carb diet. <3