i had very fast results but i work really hard!!! this is not my body goal but i keep working to have it :)

SW: 248lbs  

CW: 199lbs


I have PCOS so I find it really difficult to lose weight… but through healthy eating and exercise I changed my life!!! It is possible!! Just don’t lose faith and never stop trying :-)
Peace & love xx


I can’t remember exactly how old I was in the pic on the right, but I’d say that there’s probably a 8 yr difference between the two pics.
I used to be 100+ kg but I’ve been on 75 kg for several months now.
As you can see it clearly took me years, not to mention the fact that I had to move to another nation to get enough sanity for my weight loss journey, but I’m glad I got there after almost 20 years of eating disorders.

Do you guys prefer that I continue to queue posts so that they appear regularly one at a time, or would you prefer that I post photos immediately, but less regularly?

HT: 5’4 SW: 135  CW: 125-130 (just depends on the day)

In January I decided I was sick of gaining weight and getting pudgy and whatnot, so I started exercising and eating them fruits & veggies. (and peanut butter;)

I think once you realize that your body is a wonderful precious thing, you’ll start to treat it that way.

Height: 5’5

Starting Weight: 172

Current Weight: 135

Officially done my first year of my weight loss :) Here’s to another year! 

Before: 209 lbs/ 95 kg

During: 165 lbs/ 75 kg

Soooo happy! <3

Before: 164 lbs

After: 128

22 year old grad student. My weight loss was achieved by eating clean, and picking up heavy things! Also some cardio, and giving myself off-days to relax and eat a little more freely. To follow my journey, check out my weightloss blog at weightlossisboss.tumblr.com or my personal blog auslanddd.tumblr.com

ALSO, my instagram username is @ausomeee

Im  ecuadorian  girl ,so  sorry  if  i have  mistakes , my  official  language is  the  spanish ,   my  current weight is 140 lbs ,  i  lost  30 lbs  ,  my height is  5’3 check  my blog  im starting  a  new  challenge !! :)



The picture on the left is the exact picture that made me decide that it was time. It had been time for me to change my lifestyle. This picture was posted to an instagram page of a close friend of mine and I became so enraged because she knew that I looked like a whale. :( Then I realized it is no one’s fault but my own.

Height: 5’7

My highest 280 lbs.

Current: 237 lbs.

Goal: Healthy but definitely under 200 lbs.

Height: 5”8 SW: 135.5kg/298.7 CW: 94.9kg/209.2lbs

Total Weightloss: 40,6kg/89,5lbs :)

Besides the stats I’m feeling great. Had a little binge weekend but tomorrow I’m back in track.

-57 pounds! :D


5”0 and somewhere around 50kg

Not really seen the scale move much but finally starting to notice a difference! Started a few months ago by cutting out unnecessary junk food (for the most part) and 30 day shred/hula hooping/not getting the bus to work. 

Height: 5’10”

Left Pic: 135lbs

Right Pic: 150lbs

All my life I was the skinny guy. I remember having to wear small size shirts just to fit me. There were times that even a small size was a little too big. Yeah I did exercising here and there Ive always been a active guy, but no matter how much ate or workout, I still looked the same. I used to having a ferrari engine for a metabolism.

Eventually life put a couple bumps in the road. Professionally, socially, academically it was a downward spiral. I reached depression. I isolated myself from friends and family. I began junkfood munching for a few months. Though my metabolism impeded any form weight gain. Soon I gained “skinny fat”. Yes I was slim but some roundness to me.

One day I told myself never again. I chose to grab life by the throat force happiness out of it. Changed my diet. Researched countless articles on weightlifting. As days passed stay with my fitness regularly. I now wear size mediums. Ive gone up a couple pants sizes. I dont plan on stopping.

hello to everyone :)

my journey is about losing fat, getting hella fit and lean. It’s all about motivation, inspiration and discipline, because everyone can do it if there are those 3 points. like my blogname sais, i always try to train harder and better myself, i strive for progress. this is only 1/3 of my journey- this is just the beginning. btw i’m a 4th league volleyball player lol. cheers xx

start weight: 161lbs, current weight: 145lbs