Height: 5”8 SW: 135.5kg/298.7 CW: 94.9kg/209.2lbs

Total Weightloss: 40,6kg/89,5lbs :)

Besides the stats I’m feeling great. Had a little binge weekend but tomorrow I’m back in track.

-57 pounds! :D


5”0 and somewhere around 50kg

Not really seen the scale move much but finally starting to notice a difference! Started a few months ago by cutting out unnecessary junk food (for the most part) and 30 day shred/hula hooping/not getting the bus to work. 

Height: 5’10”

Left Pic: 135lbs

Right Pic: 150lbs

All my life I was the skinny guy. I remember having to wear small size shirts just to fit me. There were times that even a small size was a little too big. Yeah I did exercising here and there Ive always been a active guy, but no matter how much ate or workout, I still looked the same. I used to having a ferrari engine for a metabolism.

Eventually life put a couple bumps in the road. Professionally, socially, academically it was a downward spiral. I reached depression. I isolated myself from friends and family. I began junkfood munching for a few months. Though my metabolism impeded any form weight gain. Soon I gained “skinny fat”. Yes I was slim but some roundness to me.

One day I told myself never again. I chose to grab life by the throat force happiness out of it. Changed my diet. Researched countless articles on weightlifting. As days passed stay with my fitness regularly. I now wear size mediums. Ive gone up a couple pants sizes. I dont plan on stopping.

hello to everyone :)

my journey is about losing fat, getting hella fit and lean. It’s all about motivation, inspiration and discipline, because everyone can do it if there are those 3 points. like my blogname sais, i always try to train harder and better myself, i strive for progress. this is only 1/3 of my journey- this is just the beginning. btw i’m a 4th league volleyball player lol. cheers xx

start weight: 161lbs, current weight: 145lbs


Height: 5’6


CW: 135lbs

9 months of hard work and still keep going.


Photos years: 2011-2014 (240lbs to 148lbs)


Old fashioned way, i changed eating habits & i do moderate exercise. The only things i cut completely out of my life are meat, soda and food that is made just of chemicals.

I look at my old photos and i remember how i use to feel about my body. I’m so glad i changed, it was very hard journey.

My metabolism was all i needed to fix, it made my weight loss only matter of time.

This is about 4 months of progress.

20 years old


HW: 230lbs   SW: 224 CW: 198

Most amount of weight I have ever lost, and this is just the beginning.

I have about 40+ more lbs to lose but I am more motivated than ever. These pictures really help me see how far I’ve come, especially on the days that I am feeling so frustrated and not seeing progress.

These results are from moderate exercise and strength training, cleaner eating and LOTS of water! Please feel free to follow me and send me any questions or advice that you may have!!


So, i’ve officially lost 20 lbs! It’s been a long but rewarding summer. I started working out on May 23, after deciding I was not happy at all with my body. I didn’t crop my face out of the first pic because I wanted to show how puffy my face was. My tummy had no definition—just fluff (yikes :( ). My thighs were chubby…I was just looking really unhealthy. I didn’t even take a full body picture because I was so uncomfortable.

I guess you can say I gained the freshman 15…or 20, hahah. I definitely did alot of eating my freshman year and can count on one hand how much I worked out the entire year. I focused alot on school and making good grades and whenever I wasn’t stressed about school, the last thing I wanted to do was workout—I would hang out with friends, eat with friends, go to parties, worry about guys who treated me badly (so stupid of me), or slept! It eventually caught up with me. By the time I came home, I had blew up. I wasn’t too hard on myself though. I just told myself to take advantage of the long summer and shred this weight off! Here’s what I did:

May 23-June 23: Exercise bike for 2 hours—one hour in the morning/one hour in the evening. I also would go to a ploy metrics class once a week at the rec center I work at! It was killer.

June 24-July 24: 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels

July 25-NOW: Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels

Eating: I basically ate healthy home made meals and stayed away from fast food unless i earned it or it was a special occasion! Put the effort into packing breakfasts, lunches, or dinners instead of grabbing unhealthy snacks or fast foods. I dropped sodas—only drank diet or low calorie juice like sunny delight.

Jillian Michaels has basically been my best friend through this journey! I am going to continue to do her videos in my dorm room. I’m also going to make myself go to the wellness center on campus. I would like to lose another 10lbs. My smallest weight was 138, but I don’t know if that’s how small I want to be. But at least I know I’m only half way there if I want to be! :)

May 2013-Aug. 2014 6’ 2” 298lbs down to 195 

These photos are exactly a year apart. The first photo, I was about ~165lbs(~75kg), my heaviest weight. And I’m only 5’5(165.1cm). And the second photo, I literally took today(08/16/14). Just last month, I actually started watching a bit more of what I ate and walked like crazy everyday. And drinking like a full 24oz bottle of water like 5 times a day. But I still eat my chipotle, fat sandwiches, chinese take-out, muahahaha(just not every day or every other day anymore….and I move around more) XD 

I’m not even close to my goal, but i’m just really happy to see where I’m at right now. Yay! ^____^ It feels so good! 

HW: 165lbs (75kg)

CW: uh..idk right now, but i’m loving it!^^

1st GW: 145lbs(65kg)

UGW: 115lbs(~52kg)

Hey guys!

Height: 5’3 

Left: 2012 at 174lbs

Right: 156lbs two weeks ago (August 2014)

This was a 12 lbs loss (still in progress) by doing the low carb high fat eating plan. Will be incorporating weights and cardio soon! It took me like 45 days! Progress is slow now but progress is progress! Please feel free to ask any questions, I’m here for tips or MOTIVATION!

The first photo: About 3 years ago

Center Photo: About 2 Years Ago

Last Photo: Now

The girl on the far left couldn’t even bare to take a photo because she always felt like a monster amongst her friends and family. Ever since I was young, I had issues with my weight. I suffered tendencies of annorexia when I was a pre-teen. I hated myself so much that I convinced myself that starvation and extreme exercise was a well-deserved punishment. As anyone who is on a weight-loss journey knows, that never lasts long. When my weight-loss fads failed, I became a bit of an introvert. I ruined so many amazing opportunities because I felt people would focus on my weight instead of my abilities.The center photo is when I finally decided that my health was more important than my appearance. I began to realize that the only person who was uncomfortable with my weight was me. My friends and family love me regardless of my size. The woman on the far right is still learning to accept herself. I have my days where I’m ashamed of my body, but then I look at my progression photos and realize that I’m becoming healthier and more confident every single day. I am beautiful and I don’t need anyone to tell me that. I will transform myself for me—not for approval and not for attention. I’m attacking my life goals with such great ferocity and rigor and I’m excited to see how I’ll look next year (the healthy way of course!)

I finally got rid of about 15 pounds in 2 months and that is a huge deal for me! I am not really where I want to be but I will get there soon!!! I was 165ish and now i am down to 150lbs. 

SW: 153
CW: 137

I’m Ali, I’m 21 and 5’4 from Manchester, England.

2 months ago i decided i wanted to be happier and healthier and just generally feel better about my weight and my life.

So this is about a stone (14lbs) in difference. I can’t believe how much my body has changed and i’m so happy to finally see the changes that everyone else has noticed.