summer 2013 vs. summer 2014 (lost 34kg/74lbs) first time in ages that i feel pretty :)

SW: 248.5lbs
LW: 186.5lbs
CW: 190lbs ūüôąūüė≥

Not the greatest comparison, but I didn’t take enough photos before I started my weightloss ūüėĒ
But lost 62lbs in 4.5months just by the cliche of eating well and moving more!
Had a (major) slip up and gained 30lbs back and am moving towards getting to and beating my lowest weight!!! ūüėĀ

Lucia Tonelli

Stricter diet and cardio/abs!

Went from 145lbs-120lbs

Check out I have lost 40 lbs from 160lbs to 120lbs doing it the healthy way! I am now a personal trainer and fitness blogger :) I love sharing all the tips and plans that worked for me to help others get and stay fit!

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Before (left): 168lbs

During (right): 133lbs

Height: 5‚ÄĚ4¬†

The pictures on the left were taken in September 2012 whilst I was on holiday. Before this point I had had serious issues with my relationship with food. I would go through phases of rapidly losing a stone in a matter of weeks then every time I would gain it back, and more. The before photos show me at the highest weight I ever reached and the point where I decided that what I was doing to my body was wrong. After that I did very little to lose weight over the following year, I did stop being so restrictive though and naturally dropped around 7lbs. 

After still realising that I had an unhealthy lifestyle and was damaging my body in September 2013 I got a gym membership and started seeing a personal trainer. Since then she has opened my eyes to a whole new type of lifestyle, I now love to train 3-5 times a week and eating clean. Yes, I still eat a few too many things that aren’t as nutritious as they could be but I don’t beat myself up about these things, I am making this change for life and it is not some sort of fad diet.

So this brings us to the photos on the right, taken June 2014. I have lost 35lbs at this point and even though I still have things to work on and I have some hang ups that will take a lot longer to change my mindset about, I am on the right path. Sometimes I forget that but, looking at the contrast in these holiday photos it reminds me that I have come a very long way and that I can still go even further with enough hard work and perseverance.

This is my weight loss progression so far from behind! In January 2013 I weighed 75kg (~165lbs) and dropped down to about 60kg (~132lbs) by September 2013 just by watching what I ate and walking more and working more. Fast foward to June 2014 and I’m now about 62kg (~136lbs).

I’ve had issues with my weight since I was about ten years old. Since then I’ve been through a rollercoaster of starving, binging, purging, diet pills, just not caring and eating crap, eating well and exercising, then overexercising, only to repeat the cycle over and over. Eight years later the unhealthy habits never got me anything except a very negative body image that fed into my depression and social anxiety which I struggled with for a long time. By the end of high school in 2012 I decided to start respecting my body by kicking all those nasty habits and adopting a vegan lifestyle.

I’m almost 19 now and my mindset has completely changed. I’m a much more confident and positive person and I’ve felt my desire to be skinny change into my desire to be healthy and strong. I always felt my best in those brief periods when I would do what’s best for my body by eating well and exercising without taking it to the extreme.

So now it’s finally time to get my ass into shape and lose those last 10kg or so and get some muscle! I decided making a tumblr would help for the community and motivation. I’m new so if you wanna check out my blog and motivate each other then hit me up! :)

Hi my name is Rachel ¬†and this is my before and after photo from losing 40+ pounds. I was reluctant and afraid to submit this at first because my past is something I always been embarrassed about, but overtime I learned that I shouldn’t be and it makes me the person I am today.

Now here is my story.  (Sorry if this is long and to read the more in depth/longer version, click here) 

I was born in California and¬†was always a skinny kid. Being a twin and born too early, my sister and I were naturally underweight growing up. But soon things changed. At 13 years old, I stopped taking care of my self, I didn’t want to go to school, and the thought of death never left my head, and etc… My doctor thought I was depressed,¬†so I was prescribed onto Prozac. It made my¬†symptoms¬†worse and I ate everything in the¬†fridge and just¬†couldn’t¬†put food down. I was always hungry and could never¬†get¬†satisfied. I gained 40-50 pounds quickly and unhealthily. After a few months of being on Prozac, my parents switched up my medication. By then I was 14 years old.¬†After many experiments with different anti-depressants, ¬†they finally figured out what the heck is wrong with me. I have Bipolar (type 2). They switched my medication and¬†instantly¬†I became¬†better and almost like my old self again. My binging stopped along with that.¬†But while there isn’t a cure for bipolar, there¬†is¬†remission. With the right treatment, many people go for years - even decades - being symptom-free and that’s where I am now! :D

Getting to the weight loss part now…¬†After the big change in me, I was 15 years old. During then, I decided to lose weight. According to the BMI chart, I was over weight and was affecting my health, so my doctor and parents were very supportive of this. It took me 6-7 months to 40-45 pounds, which is at a healthy rate for weight loss. People often ask me, “what is your secret?” and I’m just like “there is none! Weight loss isn’t magic.” I changed my lifestyle from being a coach potato and only eating junk/fast food to a¬†nutritious wholesome diet. Along with¬†having a good workout routine, drinking 8-9 cups of water a day, and being patient(results don’t happen overnight). People don’t often realize this, but¬†nutrition¬†plays a major role in weight loss¬†and your body. I came a long way mentally and physically and I never been this happy. I went through some tough times, but I assure you, life does get better. (Also, I just turned 17 and been¬†maintaining¬†my¬†weight for a year now if you’re wondering)

Lastly, If you have any questions or anything, you can check out my blog:


Before(left): 182

During(right): 155

It only took be about 6months to lose most of the weight, but I’ve been constantly improving myself for the past three years.¬† And over the past year I’ve managed to gain over 10lbs of muscle! The only thing that truly helped me was staying positive.¬† If you can find an exercise that you genuinely enjoy, keep at it! I pinky promise the weight will take care of itself.

SW: 258

CW: 158

GW: 140

I starting my weight loss journey about 2 years ago, and lost the weight in about 1 year, and have been maintaining ever since! I’m all about clean eating, running and yoga! Follow me at cant-stop-wontstop to see the rest of my journey!

8 weeks of working out, (see my ‚Äúpersonal‚ÄĚ page for the exact workout schedule) eating clean, and loving this new healthy lifestyle!!!

height 5‚Äô2‚ÄĚ

before: ~134

after: 125

I have not completed my journey, but wanted to share my progress so far since I am really proud of my accomplishments!! please feel free to message me. I love meeting fellow fitblrs :)

See my blog for more information on my story!

HW: 248.5lbs

LW: 186.5lbs

CW: 195lbs

GW: 133lbs

Height: 5ft 7.5”

Not the best comparison pictures but I didn’t take enough whilst at my biggest! The left picture I was probably around 230-235lbs. The right was of me in India earlier this year at about 200lbs.

I lost 62lbs in 4.5 short months and then unfortunately a bad day lead to a bad week, etc. but well on my way to getting back down to my lowest weight and then smashing that!

I might not be an ideal candidate of weightloss, but definitely realistic. It isn’t always an easy straight forward process!

Left: Summer 2013, 260lbs.

Right: Spring 2014, 220lbs.

That’s my transformation until now… share if you like it…

One year difference. I didn’t change my diet, I’m a vegetarian, and always have eaten pretty healthy, but I don’t restrict anything.¬† If I want to have some crisps as a snack, I do it, they’re my weakness.¬† I just try to limit it to the weekends only. I exercise at least 5 days a week, 3 of them weight training, 2 doing cardio which includes running, rowing, stairs, and swimming. I’ve never felt healthier.