Crowdsourcing: What is your favorite exercise that you can do in a small space with no equipment?

Free exercise rocks! What do you do?

  1. goldenmyths answered: squats or mountain climbers, they are awesome for forming the abs
  2. diamonds-of-alcatraz answered: Either running or dancing :)
  3. risssaaa answered: squats! mountain climbers!
  4. foryourbeautifit answered: Insanity!!
  5. simplysomestuff answered: Planks!
  6. capillaries answered: Isometrics! Plank pose is my favorite :)
  7. selfcontrol-is-everything answered: 5-4-3-2-1 Workout. Takes only 15 minutes and is pretty intense!
  8. twomoreideas answered: I like to jog, not that I’m any good :P
  9. jameane answered: squats
  10. jlcsanspants answered: bicycle crunches, chest flies, bicep curls while I do squats, jump rope, Russian Twists
  11. chowsweet answered: squats! love them
  12. confident-carefree answered: Barre workouts - I hold onto my dresser!
  13. thinner-than-the-wind answered: thehautebunny.wordpress…
  14. art-barbells-cats answered: SQUATS, LUNGES, PUSH-UPS
  15. unpoeticsoul answered: yoga
  16. kleinepoppy answered: pilates exercises online!! or yoga :)
  17. imnotaskinnygirl answered: you can dance to crazy music and get creative in a small space. working your ass is a great workout
  18. elsasalsaaa answered: lunges w/bicep curls. running stairs (skipping a step on the way up) running on an indoor track at my school!
  19. creepyspice answered: FAT BLASTER! with chalene johnson
  20. invisible-irl answered: knee bends, handstand, crunches :)
  21. asthedarkinvadestheday answered: burpee-plank-pushup combo
  22. breezyeff answered: crunches!
  23. seestephyrun answered: Well not in a small space but running for sure. You don’t really need anything fancy despite the fancy junk being sold out there.
  24. catnamedeaster answered: SQUATS~!
  25. themanicdoll answered: planks, crunches, lunges
  26. mzgigiworld answered: running (jogging) in place
  27. osara answered: burpees/squat thrusts
  28. gin-n-juice answered: blogilates muffin topless bikiniblaster
  29. searchingforseaglass answered: squats and lunges!
  30. jackielearnstorun answered: Yoga and Blogilates (:
  31. floor-condom answered: Yoga. Just do several sets of Sun Salutations if you don’t have the internet, or look up videos on YouTube.
  32. weeshnah answered: Planks. Hold for thirty seconds, then follow immediately with ten pushups. Repeat.
  33. totalbodyproject answered: Burpees, kettlebell swings (awesome work!), yoga
  34. thatswhtshesaid answered: SQUATS!
  35. ladreamsmasher answered: Calf raises and wall squats! I love to do these at work, when I’m standing around and nothing much is going on.
  36. theshrinkingofmeptdeux answered: burpies! great for cardio.. and leg liftsfor the booty :)
  37. autumnsgettingfit answered: Squats! <3
  38. littlelisaloonytunes answered: running on the spot, increase speed at intervals
  39. fueledbymomo answered: There’s a free Jillian Micheals series on youtube that you can do in a small space.
  40. goingforiron answered: Burpees, jumping jacks and jump ropes for cardio, then weighted squats, standing lunges, russian twists, planks, and tricep dips!
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