Height: 170cm (5’7”)
HW: 109kg (+240lbs)
CW: 71kg (156.2lbs)
LW: 66.4kg (146lbs)
FW1: +/- 60kg (+/- 132lbs)
FW2: Be fit and look great in my future wedding dress.

I accomplished a lot in little over a year, but I’m not gonna lie, I have put on weight since I stopped fitblr’ing.

I started dating, I was happier, I had less time for obsessing over exercise, and to be honest my fiance made me feel so pretty and hot that even putting on weight was no big deal.

Buuuuut, I miss being more active, looking at the mirror and seeing a strong body with strong muscles instead of just me still being quite thin. I miss my work out videos, my gym, my long walks, my skating evenings, and always doing kitchen experiments while looking for new healthy and delicious foods. So it’s time for going back on track and fitblr’ing always helps with that.

GOAL: Going back to strong fit me, reaching my lowest weight again, and looking great in my wedding dress!

I would love to make new buddies to talk with, keep each other motivated, and kick butts with. ;) Feel free to follow me. I will follow back!



Want more weight loss pictures? Here!

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